Friday, 9 August 2013

Studying or online?

Has been a few monthsssssssssssss leaving my blog 'Dead' here
So just a quick post here

Holidays should be happy for everyone
However , for some of us who will be having SPM trial,
trial will be coming soon and it will be a super S.T.R.E.S.S holidays!!
We have to start studying...T^T 
Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Maths
I'm too late to study all this , seriously...
I regret for not studying hard while I'm form 4
but time won't turn back for me
Looking forward to the day after SPM was just letting me cannot concentrate on studying
I just cannot stop myself from searching or averting my gaze from beautiful clothes, shoes, etc.
Sometimes I really want to kill myself
The feeling is just so frustrating!
Like you know you have no much time to study but still cannot control yourself from internet! 
So that's all I want to grumble about
Bye readers!